From Jockey Club to Country Club

The stud facilities will be incorporated into the Country Club project, namely: a Polo Club, an Equestrian Club, a Tennis Club, and a Boutique Hotel & Spa.

El Manzanar Country Club is an enterprise for people who look for, above all, high standards of living amid a perfect balance with nature, comfort, security, and relaxation.

With a total area of 222 acres and over 100 stalls, El Manzanar Country Club will offer a complete equestrian infrastructure for horse lovers, allowing them a unique life experience, combining sports and leisure.



Infrastructure and planning foreseen for El Manzanar Country Club

1. Polo Club
A complete infrastructure for polo practice, with official course, training course and school, besides conditions to promote tournaments, exhibitions, and events.

2. Equestrian Club
A complete equestrian center, with jumping course, training course, pickets, and riding school, besides means to promote tournaments, exhibitions, and events.

3. Tennis Club
One of the most appreciated sports, tennis will have a sophisticated infrastructure, with different floor courts, including an indoor court, offering an excellent complex for competitions and events.

4. Boutique Hotel Spa El Manzanar
The hotel will be designed to offer one of the most modern and charming sojourns in the country, counting on restaurants, convention and meeting rooms. The Spa will offer world-class services, with a complete infrastructure: swimming pools, massage rooms, fitness center, saunas, and cutting-edge therapy rooms.

5. Del Salto Country Homes and Suites

6. Del Potrero Country Homes

7. Del Polo Suites

8. Stables




  • Cycleways and horseback riding trails in promenades with centennial trees.
  • Proprietary station for capture, treatment and distribution of mineral water extracted from the underground.
  • Proprietary station for sewage treatment.
  • Reusing of water for sprinkling and common areas cleaning.
  • Selective garbage collecting.
  • Recycling of liquid and solid residues.
  • Composting.
  • Underground cabling: electric grid and optic fiber FTTH (telephone, TV, internet).


  • Guarded entrance with 24-hour security and a complete monitoring system.
  • Heliport.
  • Convenience center