To live amid a Botanical Garden

Near Lujan, at 50 miles from Buenos Aires, there is a piece of Paradise called El Manzanar Country Club.

It has 222 acres of fertile land, where a collection of 25,000 trees of 1,200 different species is assembled, most of them centennial, which gives it the features and the quality of an authentic botanical garden.

The mastermind of El Manzanar Country Club, Carlos Thays, born in August 20, 1849, and deceased in January 31, 1934, was a renowned Argentinean architect and landscape designer. Among his works are the Tres de Febrero Park, in the Palermo district, and the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden.

El Manzanar Country Club will be a unique and exclusive real-estate venture, to be built on the property’s 222 acres. Its address is
Km 82.200, Ruta Nacional, nº 7, recently duplicated and transformed
into a park.